I’m Cati, a SAHM in the last year of her 20’s. I don’t shave my legs, not for any moral reason, just because I don’t like doing it. I also don’t do religion. I was raised Quaker, then did a stint as a Pagan in college, but only the importance of peace and simplicity and a love of nature remain. I just can’t get behind deities; I see so much beauty in the world and in people, and I’m very happy attributing it to the world and to people. I feel most reverent when I’m out in the woods or having a quiet day at home with my family. Despite my liberalism, I’m also something of an old-fashioned domestic. I used to work as a nanny, but now I love staying home with my baby, knitting, gardening, and cooking. I sort-of play the banjo. I enjoy documenting things, and always have several journals going at once. This will be my space to combine them.

Cole is my husband. He’s an academic, getting his PhD in Victorian English lit. By the end of the year, he will be a published board game designer. He juggles, and he’s wonderful with kids. We’ve been married since August 2012. We’re both from Indiana originally.

Owen is our little native Texan. He just had his first birthday in December. He was born at home with the help of some lovely midwives. I am so in love with him!


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