Catching Up: Life

8 months is a long time.  So much has happened!  If you follow me on facebook, you’ll already know all of this, but if you don’t, here’s some of what we’ve been up to.

I turned 30 in June.  No biggie.

We went to England!  Cole got into a conference, and we decided that since his ticket was paid for, and Owen still didn’t need a seat of his own, that it was our chance for an actual vacation.  Then we invited both our moms so we could split AirBnB costs, and could swap out watching Owen.  They were both very excited to come along.  We spent several days in Bath, and then several more in London before flying back home.  Some quick highlights:

While we were in England, we got to tell the Grandmas in person that they will have a new grandbaby in late April!  We are expecting another little boy (haven’t settled on a name yet, but I like Henry), and we are super excited.  We decided not to have another homebirth, even though we LOVED the midwives we used last time, because our apartment is so small and I desperately want to try laboring in a giant, luxurious birth tub.  So we’re headed to the birth center here soon.  I’m officially in my third trimester now and I’m feeling very pregnant


So here’s me 8 months ago (feeling very happy about some pants a neighbor brought me back from Cambodia)..

And here’s me now:

And, for fun, here’s our most recent pic of the little brother:


Owen is very excited about a new baby, and often talks about the baby coming out of Mommy’s belly soon.  Owen is enormous now.  He seems like such a big kid.  He talks a mile and minute and can probably run faster.  He is obsessed with anything that has wheels, and our new, gigantic brio stash gets daily use.  He still helps me wash dishes, at his own little dish-washing station now, and he has his own broom and mop.  He has his own room now, too, and he usually sleeps like a champ although getting him to sleep can be a chore.  He went trick-or-treating for the first time last Halloween, and while he seemed very overwhelmed, he didn’t want to stop!

We went home in November for Thanksgiving then had our first Christmas in Texas, just the 3 of us.  Owen wound up with an ear infection, but we otherwise had a lovely day.

So now Owen is 2, springtime is already coming back to Texas, and we’re 12 weeks-ish away from a new baby.  Life is good.  🙂


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