Catching Up: Knitting and Crafts

Things I’ve finished, clockwise from top left:

  • The “baby blanket” that I started when I was pregnant with Owen.  It’s a lace pattern called Damask that I doubled to make a square blanket.  It’s pretty, but the yarn is too variegated to show off the pattern very well, and the difference between my 2 skeins of yarn is rather obvious.  But I’m satisfied that it is finally finished.  Had a scare when I pulled it out of my half-done stuff bag when I found moth holes in it, but I managed to repair the damage.
  • My new favorite hat!  Pattern is called Latu and the yarn is Malabrigo Arroyo.  I like it even better now that my hair is shorter.
  • Owen’s Raccoon.  My dear SIL got me a book of crochet animal patterns called Edward’s Menagerie for Christmas, and Owen quickly decided that he needed a raccoon.  I whipped him out pretty quickly, but feel like my hand is still recovering.
  • Owen’s turtle.  Another project that had been half-done forever.  I didn’t use a pattern, but modeled him on the turtle my mom made for me.
  • A hat for my Grandma, who only wears tams.  It’s called Ruby Red Heart Hat, and I used some old Cascade 220 I had laying around.  Grandma loves it, and says she’s going to wear it with her dark purple velvet pant suit.  Of course she is.
  • And a hat for my sister’s new baby!  It’s a “You are my Sunshine” theme, with the dark clouds at the bottom and a sunny pompom at the top.  Sis has 4 weeks max left to go until the baby arrives, so it was a timely gift.

I am ashamed to say that those 6 projects are all that I’ve finished in the 8 months that I’ve been absent.  I took a long knitting break for reading and chasing Owen around.  Also in that time, I made some new snowflakes for our windows and put together some photo books for myself and Owen’s grandmas.  I have started plenty of other knitting projects, and have ripped most of them out.  I’m nearing completion on a baby outfit, need to finish the cat I promised I’d make for Owen’s friend Last Christmas, and have started a baby sweater in the same colors as my Sunshine Hat.


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