Catching Up: Goals and Resolutions

It’s been far too long since I’ve written anything on here, but I’d like to take it up again.  And, as we’ve now been through a month of this new  year, I wanted to check on my resolutions anyway, to see how I’d been doing so far.  So here we go.  This year, I have resolved to:

  • Plan our meals every week.  Eating out is ok, but I’d feel better if it were planned ahead of time.  One grocery trip a week is my goal. (And so far, I’ve been doing pretty well.  I have even started a list of how much each of our staple meals costs us, so I can plan more efficiently.)
  • Find a system that works for me to keep the house clean and tidy.  (I made a weekly schedule.  So far, I’ve had no trouble sticking to my designated days for: shopping and meal planning, laundry, and letter-writing.  I’ve been admittedly terrible about remembering to sweep and mop.  But I received a new mop from a lovely friend, so hopefully the novelty of a new toy will add to my motivation.)
  • Write in my journal every day.  (So far, pretty good.  I’ve mostly just been writing down my 5 favorite parts of each day, but that counts, as far as I’m concerned.)
  • Write a letter every week to my Grandma, my Gramps, and my dear friend and long-term penpal.
  • Call my dad more.   (I’m aiming for once a week, though I need to consider his schedule more.  Last time I called I woke him up and it took him an embarrassingly long time to figure out that I was not some woman he’d started seeing…)
  • Organize the house.  (No progress yet.  Our apartment gets so messy because it’s so full.  I would like to cut back on the amount of stuff we have, and find places for the things we really want to keep.  But it’s hard to organize when the house is messy, and hard to clean when it’s disorganized.  Sigh.)
  • Get some gentle exercise every day.  (If I’m being honest, I probably only manage this half the time, and most days it’s because Owen is dying to go outside for a walk.)

There you have it.  I’m pretty satisfied with my progress so far.



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