A challenge for a month: No Sugar

After a long visit home, which included much splurging, food-wise, my family has decided a month-long sugar fast is in order.  The rules are: no sweeties (anything that is obviously in the dessert category) or anything where the first ingredient is any kind of sugar.  So, no soda or anything like that, not that we drink much soda to begin with.  Fruit is ok, as is juice, though we’ve been watering it down.  I’m not counting sugar grams or calories or anything; this isn’t a diet.  We just really want to break the addiction we all seem to have.  I am going to allow myself one splurge for my birthday, if I decide I want to, and Cole is allowed one for Father’s Day.  So far, he’s thinking oatmeal milkshakes.  🙂

In other food news, we have decided to try a CSA share, so each week we’ll get a box of delicious, fresh veggies right from the farm.  After researching several CSA’s in town, we went with Johnson’s Backyard Garden because they are amazing, and they offer shares all year round, in case we really enjoy getting them.  So far, I’m loving it.  We just picked up our first box yesterday, and here’s what we found:


The limes were from a previous grocery run, pretend they’re not there!

Tomatoes, potatoes, onions, banana peppers, fennel (what am I going to do with fennel?!), beets, and carrots.  So many yummy things!  The tomatoes aren’t quite ripe, so JBG included a paper bag for us to ripen them in, but Cole and Owen enjoyed one yesterday without waiting.

In other challenge news: I like doing challenges, and I have a few more in mind that I’d like to try in the coming months.  They are: 1. To not buy anything new for myself or Owen.  I’m constantly buying the baby stuff and he doesn’t need it.  And 2. To only touch myself in nice ways.  That sounds funny.  What I mean is, no pinching, poking, popping, or plucking.  I want to stop seeing things that need fixed when I look in the mirror and focus on the things about myself that I really like.  I’m hoping that if I can change my actions, I might change my mental habits as well.


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