Balls, etc.

First, I would just like to say that it is amazing the number of times you are expected, as a parent, to say, “A ball.  Now you have two balls!” with a straight face.  Ridiculous.   I’m no prude, nor is my mind often in the gutter, but it sometimes makes me feel self-conscious even when no one’s around.  That’s my disclaimer.

But, balls are excellent toys (see, there I go again), so we’ve gotten all ours out to play with.  sigh.


We had a tennis ball and 2 ping pong balls, but Owen’s lost them.  His favorite game is to pick up a ball and hurl it in any direction, just to watch where it goes and how it bounces.  The tennis ball and ping pong balls were especially good for this game, and also easily lost during it.  Oh well, I’m sure they’ll turn up.  We’ve also been taking the soccer ball outside, where Owen will throw it and kick it all around.  Much fun.


Other things that we’re enjoying are: this small basket (which I got in the CVS post-Easter clearance for like $0.20) which contains an old ibuprofen bottle and a whole lot of small things that can be stuffed inside it,


our basket of small cars and trucks, our two puzzles (which Owen can sometimes do by himself now),


lots of books (we’re checking out the new Caldecott winners),


and this pig, which we got from Ikea and which is so amazing it may warrant a post of its own.  But later, because it is currently, obviously, occupied napping with the baby.


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