It is April now, and while I considered rearranging my resolutions so that I could Rest after all that March Movement, I think Order is still where I need to be.

I would like to put my house in Order.  I have been so focused on the baby, and on spending any non-baby time I have doing something fun, that I have let the housework slide for far too long.  Owen is pretty ok with me cleaning things, actually, as long as he can see what I’m doing.  Washing the dishes is unacceptable unless he can see, and preferably splash all around in, the suds.   I think it’s time, and I hope he’s big enough, to pull a chair up to the sink.


I also want to be more Orderly in my habits, to be more self-disciplined.  I need to stop giving into my cravings without at least examining them first.  The craving for salt and vinegar kettle chips, for instance, should be quelled (oh, now that I’ve said it, I want to eat some right now, so bad).  Breathe.  Restraint.  Whew.  However, the craving to escape to my garden for a while, or to spend half an hour with a book alone, those can probably be indulged, as long as they aren’t too inconvenient to Cole.  I wouldn’t mind inconveniencing him so much if he wasn’t the busiest person I’ve ever known right now. Which is another reason why I need to keep the house more tidy, so that when he comes home, he can actually relax, and spend some time with his baby.  I can let the house be messy, it’s a skill I’ve always had (*eyeroll*), but Cole can’t, and he doesn’t need to be picking up toys on top of everything else he’s got going on.

So, I’m going to start giving myself Orders, and sticking to them.  Each day, I’ll write out a to-do list and make note of which things can happen while Owen’s up, and which should wait until his nap.  And then I will do those things.  I will do them, and be positive.  I’ll make them into little meditations about how much I love my family.


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