Garden Movements

My garden is growing like crazy, and while there’s still a LOT to be done out there, I have done quite a bit in the last month and a half.  Many of my March Movements were conducted in the garden.

I added another plot to my space, and had to weed and turn the whole thing before making it into 9 raised beds.  I’m planting corn, beans, and pumpkins, 3 sisters style.  Only the corn is in so far, but it’s coming up pretty well.



There are new things and old things in my first plot.  I’ve put in 3 tomatoes and a jalapeno pepper.  The three tomatoes are: a white cherry for Owen, and 2 heirlooms for Cole, called Mortgage Lifter and Persimmon.



The strawberries are growing well and there are little green berries that (so far) nothing has messed with.  The peas are still producing (I almost said they were still peaing :/ ), though they are finally slowing down.



There are several volunteers, including this red lettuce, some mint, and quite a few things that look herbish which I can’t identify.

010And then there’s the crazy mess on the far side of the plot.  The flowers I planted must be at least 4 feet tall, and they’re bushy and full of bees.  Which is wonderful, except when you have a baby on your hip and you want to push past them to get to your beloved peas.  Plus the kale has gone entirely to seed, which the bees also love, and is also almost 4 feet tall, and in the middle of all this, the poor lettuce has grown up almost 3 feet tall, just fighting for sun.  I didn’t know leaf lettuce could do that!  It’s all leaves, no flowers yet.  Weird.  I actually went out and chopped some of it back before I took this picture.  I won’t have many more days of peas, and they were calling me!


My last garden project involves the corner plot.  It’s shaded pretty much all day because there are trees on both sides of it, and no one wants to rent it because nothing can grow there but some scrawny weeds.  So.  I’ve decided to do something useful with it and I’m turning it into a Kid’s Corner.  I dragged over a random piece of faux-wood linoleum that was already, inexplicably, in the garden, and spread it out for a floor.  (Though I need to pull it back and level out the dirt before I do anything else.)  Then I bought a sand box and some sand to put in it, and we’ll add other things as we find them.  But it’ll give all the kids in the garden (there are quite a few) a place to play while their folks work.  I want the garden to be a fun place for them too.  🙂



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