Easter Fun!

The Dyeing:





Cole and I wondered if Owen would get into dyeing eggs, or if he would get bored.  We only did a dozen, but he did them all. Never-mind the hot water, which, thankfully, cooled quickly, he was very hands on.  And they were very colorful hands.  We used the full 20 drops of food coloring, despite using less water because of the muffin tin.  That made sure the eggs turned out bright, even if they didn’t sit still very long.  It was great fun dyeing eggs with Owen.

The Finding:





043 045

Owen *loved* finding eggs.  He got to do it twice.  We did a trial run at our house on Saturday, and then a bigger hunt at Owen’s adopted grandparents’ on Easter day (though I didn’t get any pictures of the second one).  He liked finding them, and was really excited to discover that there were things in some of them.  We used goldfish crackers and dry cereal for the plastic eggs.

The blue and pink eggs that are taped shut are a variation of Montessori shakers.  It works like a match game, only with listening instead of looking for a match.  I put popcorn, couscous, and oatmeal each in one blue egg and one pink egg, and the game is to find the 2 that sound the same.

It occurred to me that you really only get maybe 6 or 7 good Easters with your kid before they become disenchanted with the whole process (though I continue to love egg hunts myself, even now).  It made me extra sentimental watching Owen collect his eggs.

The Crafts:



010I didn’t make as much for Owen as I had intended to, but I did felt a couple of eggs that opened, and sewed a little felt fairy and knitted a tiny tiny bunny.  The bunny pattern is genius.  All you have to knit is a square, then you sew it together cleverly to form the rabbit and all else you have to add are the ears and a tail.  The pattern can be found here, for free.


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