Puddle Weather


009 010 011 012

Apparently, I missed the window to buy rain boots at Target, so I had to shell out $37 to buy these from the crocs store in the mall (if I hadn’t been having a rough day, I probably wouldn’t have done it), but we’ve already gotten a lot of good use out of these boots.  And to be fair, $37 is the sum total that we’ve paid to buy shoes for Owen, since we got so many good hand-me-downs.  Anyway, I really just wanted to share the pictures.  He’s been having such a good time.

Owen is such a water baby.  He’d wash his hands indefinitely if given the chance.  And yesterday, for the first time, he stood on a chair next to me while I washed the dishes and played in the bubbles and water in his side of the sink.  Lucky for him, he lives in Texas and it’s almost swimming weather.  I can’t wait to get him in the pool!


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