Finally, the toys my husband has been waiting for!  I’d put them away for a while, because the blocks we had, while great, required more dexterity to stack than Owen had.  He was rather fond of dumping the whole bin out, or hurling them across the room, but I was less interested in that game.  Recently though, he’s been showing an interest lately in stacking things, and we also shelled out a little more money for a set of big, sturdy wooden blocks, so it was time to revisit them.

Our old blocks included duplos,


complete with animals,


some excellent keva blocks my brother-in-law got us, and random other smallish blocks.


(which Owen still just wants to dump out).


Then the new blocks came.


They are Melissa and Doug, which I usually have mixed feelings about, but I like these


and so does Owen.  🙂


Plus, the box is great fun.


He’s done some good towers already, but I couldn’t get pictures of them before they got knocked over.  And now, back to building!



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