Spring Crafts

It’s beautiful outside, finally!  And while I have been spending much more time out of doors, I’ve also been working on some springy crafts.

I made these felt eggs, using some roving given to me by a friend, and some that I had lying around, following this tutorial.


The trick is, when you’re rolling them, to hold them really lightly and put as little pressure on them as possible.  My first one, the teal-ish one, had some big cracks in it from pushing too hard, so I covered the worst of them by adding a needle-felted bunny.  The roving I used for the bunny came from an actual bunny I used to own.  Her name was Smallpockets.


I also most of yesterday whipping up this container garden for a small friend of ours who is moving soon.  She likes pulling the carrots out of her garden, so now she has one that can travel with her.


It’s all made out of felt, except the basket.  I made 2 big brown pillows that are rounded on top, and filled them with lots of stuffing.  You put the pillows in the basket so they’re kinda tight, and then you can wedge the carrots down between to “plant” them.  You can plant and harvest them to your heart’s content.  If I can find the time, I’d like to make a bigger version of this for Owen, with more diverse crops.  But not today.  Today, I need to get back outside, pronto!


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