Resolute Posture

March snuck up on me and now it’s here. While I never did post about our meals, I can report that we did well, really cut back on eating out, and only ate fast food once last month! I will try to post some of our favorite recipes, but right now I want to move on.

This month I’m bringing my awareness to movement. I chose movement for this month because I feel it’s important, because I need more of it in my life, and because I assumed we’d be having better weather by now and I could get outside. So far March is grey and chilly, but that’s not a good enough excuse to hold still and wait.  (You may notice that I’m not using the word “exercise.” It leaves a bad taste in my mouth and doesn’t sound fun. If I’m going to succeed at this, I need a word that implies more joy. “Movement” fits the bill.)  Here are a couple of off-the-top-of-my-head movement goals/inspirations:

  • A big hike at least once a week. I’d really love it if Cole could join us, but if the weather and his schedule don’t get along, there’s no reason it should stop Owen and I.
  • I will need to get my new garden plot ready for planting soon, which will involve lots of good digging, etc.
  • Owen and I should spend at least a half an hour outside everyday, regardless of the weather.
  • Yoga. I love taking yoga classes, but I’ve never gotten the hang of a home practice. I don’t want to be over-ambitious, so I’ll just see how many sun salutes I can do each day before Owen gets grumpy with me.
  • Dance parties with my baby.
  • Better posture!  I have terrible posture. I blame my boobs, both because they’re a pain to carry, literally, and because in high school good posture made me feel like I was indecently flaunting it and I developed bad slouching habits. Now, on the brink of 30, I’m ready to flaunt what I’ve got! I also realize that I’m probably genetically doomed to osteoporosis, and while good posture won’t prevent it, I really should stand tall while I can.

The baby is bad for my back.


How I usually stand is not much better..


There we go, only Cole took the picture on a slant.


Isn’t that much better?! (Please ignore any mess in the kitchen.)


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