Garden Management

Some new things in the garden, and many more new things to come.  First, I should mention that I’ve been made Garden Manager in my community garden.  Here is the little bio I wrote to introduce myself:

“This summer will be the first in over a decade that I will not have to move.  Starting with my first year of college, I have lived in 3 dorm rooms, 4 apartments, 4 houses, 1 guest house, and 2 states.  It’s kind-of nice, I guess, moving every year.  You’re forced to thin out your collection of stuff, and to look at what really matters to you.  But at the same time, it’s terrible.  In addition to the time, effort, and money it takes to move, you have to re-build that homey feeling each time you settle into a new place.  After all this practice, I’ve gotten pretty good at it.  One of the things I’ve found that helps immensely is if I have something growing.  House plants don’t really cut it; I need outside space.  My mom had (and has) a huge, well organized, and very productive garden in the yard next to her little log cabin in the woods, and so planting and growing things makes me feel like I’m home again.  My gardens don’t need to be successful; I’ve often had to leave before I’ve gotten to harvest much at all, it’s the work that matters.  The sun on my back and the dirt under my fingernails.  Making an effort to help something grow.  It’s become an integral part of who I am.  Which is why, immediately upon moving into Brackenridge last year with my husband and our son, I signed up for a garden plot.  It’s also why, when threatened with the possibility of the garden closing without a garden manager, I wasted no time volunteering for the job.  It’s new territory for me, garden managing, but I feel up to the challenge.  I certainly have a passion for gardening, and an appreciation for how important it can be to one’s well-being.  I want to make sure the garden stays available to those who need it as much as I do.

What else about me?  I knit a lot, and dabble in a wide variety of crafts, including joinery.  I kind-of play the banjo. I have a wonderful husband who is studying Victorian lit, who juggles and designs board games in his spare time.  And we have a little boy who is even more fun to watch grow than my garden.  I got my degree in Writing Children’s Books, but I’ve never written one and I don’t really have a desire to.  My favorite food is sugar snap peas.  Always has been.  Next year, I’m planting one whole garden plot with nothing but peas.  I can’t imagine ever growing so many that I couldn’t eat them all fresh and I’d have some to freeze, but I’m very intrigued by the prospect.  Anyway, I’m Cati, and I’m the new Brackenridge Community Garden Manager.”
What’s new in my personal garden are strawberries.  I put them in where the shorty peas were, because they were done.  I hope we get some berries this year, but sometimes strawberries are more of an investment for the future.


The sugar snaps are producing like crazy, which makes me very happy.  Owen too, he’s got the pea-loving gene.


Everything else is growing well.  The lettuce and kale are ready to eat.  My Mother-in-Law made us a great salad using both.  I’ll get the recipe and post it here because it’s delicious.


I also have some flowers in bloom from the “Save the Bees” seeds I planted.  Because it was a mix, I have no idea what this flower is, but the bees do seem to like it.  (They also like my broccoli which bolted.)

I have big plans for my garden this year, because it’s going to double in size!  The plot next to mine became available, and as garden manager, I get to add another plot to mine for free.  I’ve decided to plant the whole second plot in corn and pumpkins.  I’ve never tried corn, and I’ve never had success with pumpkins, so we’ll see how it goes.  Then next fall, I’ll plant the sugar snaps there to replenish the nitrogen in the soil.  I can’t wait to get to the nursery to buy some seeds and plants.


2 thoughts on “Garden Management

  1. Cati! First time to look around this site and I love it! This is soooooo cool. And I now know you’ve studied writing children’s book which makes you more attractive, even though you don’t have any work done. Please be my English teacher, oh captain my captain!


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