On the Farm

Time for new toys again.  I can always tell it’s time because Owen no longer plays with the ones we have out, and instead resorts to pushing around the laundry basket we put our recycling in.  In which we put our recycling.  Whatever.  He also likes to “sort” the recycling, and pull out random pieces to play with.  Cardboard boxes (following his lead, we now store his shoes in an old yogurt box), plastic berry containers, and foil balls are favorites.  I suppose I should mention that all the glass bottles and cans get stored on the counter, so they’re out of harms way.

Anyhow, we put away the babies last night and pulled out our farm toys.  We’ve got an adorable little red barn that came with 2 horses and a chicken, plus a watering trough, a bale of hay, a brush, an apple, and a blue ribbon to pin on your favorite horse.


Then we have a few other stuffed animals that at least vaguely fit the bill.  Bunnies, a pig, a bug, and another horse.


Various farm books.  Sandra Boynton’s “Doggies” was also in the pile, but got snatched away before I could snap the shot.


We also have a farm puzzle.  Owen is excellent at taking out the pieces, and can mostly match where they ought to go, but still needs help actually getting them in their places.


And, last but not least, velcro veggies!  Owen can successfully pull them apart and stick them back together, and he attempts to use the knife that came with them.


They’re also delicious.  🙂


Oh, and one egg.  We bought this from the store at the Austin Waldorf school last week and I painted it using a pinterest picture for inspiration.



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