Time to switch out the toys.  This week (or however long), we’ve got a babies theme.  I really wanted to go buy a bathtub-friendly, anatomically correct baby for Owen, but couldn’t find one for less than $42, so instead we went to Target and bought 2 little cloth-bodied babies for super cheap.006

One of them was a part of a set which also included a tiny high chair and a tiny potty.  Owen fell in love with the potty at the store (it makes flushing noises, sigh), and I like that he’s excited about potties, so it came home with us.



We put the rest of the trucks away, but left out the bus so the babies could take a ride.  Owen thoughtfully loaded them up with everything they could ever have wanted.


The basket we usually keep loose toys in became a baby bed once a few dish rags and hankies were added.


Owen also has a beautiful Waldorf doll made by a ravelry friend in the Netherlands.  He is very interested in its hair.


These are our baby-related books.  Global babies is new and is a super winner.  Also, Marla Frazee is amazing.  Owen loves Boss Baby, Spot, and the first words book (which has pictures of babies in it) best.


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