A Diet for Body and Budget


It’s February! That means several things for me. First, it’s time to turn my attention to our diets, and because of the new car/strain on our finances, I also need to try to shrink the grocery bill. So, for the sake of motivation and accountability, I’ll post what we ate and what we spent each week. Here are my goals for the month:

  • Meet Owen’s dietary needs, making sure he has a balanced, healthy diet.
  • No eating out. None.
  • Cook healthy things for Cole and myself.
  • Eat more produce, especially fruit. I mean, what kind of person doesn’t like fruit?!

Then, if I can find some time for reflection after all that, I want to think about our more general diets. What do we bring into our lives (media, friendships, work, whatever)?  Is it healthy?  Is it balanced?

The other thing February means for me is that it’s letter-writing time!  For the past several years, I’ve participated in the letter-a-day challenge where you have to mail something, anything vi  a snail mail each day that the post is delivered.  I love writing letters but haven’t done much of it since Owen’s been mobile.  Go figure.  But I’m ready to start writing again.  Starting today, so my letter is ready for tomorrow’s mail.  🙂


This was Owen’s favorite toy yesterday.  After I took away his bag of cough drops, I realized that he just wanted to explore a bag, so I gave him a ziplock with some little toys in it and made sure to keep an eye on him so he wouldn’t suffocate or anything.  He had a great time with it.

Also, here is a giant (2.5″) gross slug I saw this morning.  It had like a breathing hole in the side of it that kept opening and closing.  It was kinda awesome.  And still gross.



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