Continuing the Transportation Theme..

So, last week was crazy.  Like I mentioned earlier, our car broke down, and proved unfixable (or at least, not worth the cost of the repair).  So we decided to not have a car.  We live in a city, on a bus line, and can walk to the store, so it seemed doable.  Cole would bike to his second job (a ride that would terrify me, on dangerous curvy roads), and we’d maybe occasionally need to take a cab for something, but we could cancel our insurance and not pay for gas, etc.  We did this for.. several days.  An almost embarrassingly short amount of time.  Then we realized that it was going to rain today (the day Cole was supposed to bike), and so instead of being car-free, we caved and scrambled to find one quick.  After 2 really irritating days of negotiating and organizing, we have a new car now!  Hooray!  I really love it too.  It’s a 2007 CRV and it seems perfect for us.  We had to break our rule about paying for cars in cash, and for the first time in both our lives, we will have a car payment, but we’re hoping to have it paid off soon with the help of our tax return.  We owe so many thanks to our friends and neighbors for helping us and giving us rides.  Here are some reasons I’m glad we have a car again:

  1. I can get Owen’s hair cut soon without taking a cab.
  2. I don’t have to change pediatricians to one on a bus line.
  3. I can go buy strawberry plants for my garden soon.
  4. We can go more often to the cheaper, further away grocery store.  Etc.

I’ll get a picture up as soon as it stops raining.


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