New Baby Knitting!

Not my baby, but yes my knitting.  A certain someone I know, who isn’t all the way out about it yet, is having another baby in September and I’m so excited!

*A note about these links: they’re all ravelry links, and you need to have a ravelry account to view them.  I didn’t want to snitch other people’s photos to post.

These are the things I’d like to knit for a little girl:

For another boy, I want to make:

I’ve made 2 of those Union Suits for Owen, and the pattern is wonderful.  Here they are:

057 029

The newborn size has a double stitch wolf on it, and the second one was Owen’s wolf suit – he went as Max from Where the Wild Things Are for Halloween.

A baby boy would be getting a lot of hand-me-downs, but a girl would be a first.  Which is why I’d be so much more excited about knitting for a baby girl.


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