Expanding Rhythm

Now that we have a (fairly) stable daily rhythm, it’s time to start thinking about my weekly chores and activities. I already know Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will be laundry days. Our diapers need to be washed that often, and since I have Owen most days now, I can’t do more than one load of regular laundry by myself at a time. I just can’t haul it all, plus the Beezle (Owen’s nickname), down to the laundry room. So one day we’ll do a load of lights, another a load of darks, and then towels, sheets, and miscellaneous the last laundry day.

Tuesdays are playdates with Owen’s friend Luke; so either we drive to his house or we have to sweep and clean and make sure everything is Luke-safe and then host. That’s plenty for one day.

So Thursdays, then. Thursday is already a long day because Cole works late. Hmm. Maybe we’ll just leave Thursdays open to cleaning inspiration. If I get the urge to clean the fridge or the bathroom, or scrub the floors, I’ll do it. Otherwise, we’ll just get by.

Weekends will be catching up days, and also family togetherness days. Board game days. Cole has a rather intense collection of board games.  🙂  Gardening days.

I’d love to have a day set aside for baking, and I think that will be possible once Owen is just a little older and can “help” stir.  I’d also like to have a day for a big grocery run, but that will have to wait until we patch up our car, which needs a new starter.  I’m getting excited about meal planning for next month; hopefully we’ll be on a good grocery schedule by then.


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