There is a chorus of “outside” happening in my house.  Not currently, because Daddy took a shift and the baby is outside, but pretty constantly when he’s not.  It’s a beautiful day today.  A lovely day for some first steps, actually.


We’ve been walking all over outside, Owen holding one hand and stopping suddenly to learn the difference between “grass” and “dirt.”  There have been a lot of new words lately.  Including, but not limited to: truck, grass, dirt, slide, outside, shoes and socks, and up.  I wanted an outside baby, and I certainly have got one now!  Today was excellent because Cole was home too, and we both went outside to the playground with the baby.  I’m so glad I tagged along, instead of coming home to relax, because I happened to catch the baby’s first steps on the camera today!  If I can figure out how to upload the video, I will.

Nothing is so inspirational, to just about anyone, as a little sunshine.  😀

010 009 008


One thought on “Outside!

  1. It looks to me like Owen isn’t really walking. He’s dancing! He’s gonna dance through life. And I have no doubt that a chunk of that dancing will take place outside.


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