It’s resolution time again!  Mine were inspired my my mom while I was home for Christmas.  Each month, we’re both picking something to pay attention to.  She’s starting with rest, but I think I’d rather end with that.  This is just a working list, and I reserve the right to change it as I go, depending on what I feel I need more of in my life.  But I wanted a jumping-off point.

  • January – Rhythm
  • February – Diet
  • March – Movement
  • April – Order
  • May – Joy
  • June – Connection
  • July – Beauty
  • August – Creativity
  • September – Home
  • October – Introspection
  • November – Gratitude
  • December – Rest

The idea is to be more present to the things that matter, and to bring my life into better focus.  Additionally, I have some specific resolutions leftover from past years that I’d like to re-visit.  I want to:

  • be more awake, aware, and observant
  • think before I speak – make sure my words accurately reflect my thoughts and intentions and my tone expresses love
  • get pregnant again!!
  • be more positive and also selfless, especially with Owen; I need to make sure his needs come before my wants
  • organize the house
  • be healthy and good to myself
  • call my dad once a week, at least
  • not be afraid to take my time and move at my own pace
  • spend at least 1 hour a day with Owen, doing what *he* wants to do and giving him my full attention
  • spend at least an hour a week thinking of new things to do with Owen

So, Rhythm.  I wanted to start the year with this one because it’s very important to me.  I wish I had the whole month to work on it, but I’ll only really be able to start in a week once my brother-in-law (who’s been staying with us for 4 months, and who we will dearly miss) leaves and classes start back up.  Cole wants to be on campus from 9-5 each day, and while that’s a lot of solo time for me with Owen, I think it might work out to my advantage.  I’m hoping that with all that time and no one around to distract us, we’ll finally fall into a daily rhythm.  And if we don’t naturally, I’ll do my best to implement one.  I want to have regular meal and sleep times, outside time each day, music, crafts, sensory play and that sort of thing.


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